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We've been hacked - the evolution of Pentesting

October 16th | 10:00 SAST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Types of test

We will go over a brief description on what a black, white, and grey box penetration test is before diving into a live demo. The demo will involve a common approach that a malicious actor may take when attempting to gain access to a company’s environment.

Attack Methods

Our approach will cover user enumeration, password spraying, lateral movement, and persistence with a backdoor.

Goal of testing

Ultimately, the goal is the discovery and elimination of security risks. To make that specific to your situation, you have to consider several questions which we will cover.

4 Things every Penetration Test report should have

Penetration test reports are very important and provide you with the structured detailed of the test after the engagement has completed. The report is everything.


Hilton Ashford

Head Operations at BUI CyberSoC

I would describe myself as passionately curious, with two decades worth of experience gained in the IT world across multiple sectors and continents, building my portfolio with a focus in Cybersecurity and solving complex problems for clients.

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Matthew Piek

BUI Security Consultant

While completing my Honours degree in Computer and Information Science at Monash University, Australia I was offered an internship at BUI. It was in this period that I was exposed to Penetration Testing, which fascinated me. After being offered a post in the CyberSoC department I have pursued this interest and built up considerable experience in this area. What I love about Pentesting is that there is always more to learn and areas to improve my capabilities in.

October 16th
10:00 SAST